Some notes on QNX – the new BlackBerry PlayBook OS

So, as you probably already know, the coming BlackBerry table will be powered by the QNX pronounced almost like Unix – “ku-nee-ks”. So what is QNX? Below are some notes from the session delivered for developers right after the tablet was introduced during the keynote speech at the DevCon2010. QNX – is a highly distributed, self healing […]

BlackBerry Developer Conference – subjective notes – note one

From the few sessions it was clear that RIM as a whole is still not getting it – the consumer market for smart phones has long surpassed the enterprise market. They are still trying to cater to weird enterprise scenarios and impress developers with these capabilities. RIM has to wake up and realize that the number […]

BlackBerry Developer Conference 2010 is tomorrow

BlackBerry Developer conference is starting tomorrow. I have arrived to San Francisco at noon today and just had a relaxing day browsing the sity, visiting the beautiful Chinatown and the Coit Tower from where you can see pretty much the whole city. It’s my second time in San Francisco, first time being here about 1.5 […]

Is RIM going down?

For the last several month I’ve been thinking about the future of developing for BlackBerry and whether it even makes sense to bet on the BlackBerry OS. The learning curve for BlackBerry development is very steep, which makes it a huge hurdle for the newcomers to the platform, but works for the advantage of the […]

Load cod file to BlackBerry using JavaLoader

It is simple to load a BlackBerry application packaged as cod file to your device using JavaLoader.exe. With JavaLoader, you do not have to install the desktop manager if you just want to have an ability to quickly load applications to your blackberry Connect your BlackBerry to your computer through USB Open command prompt and […]

BlackBerry Eclipse plugin 1.1 will fix some of the annoying problems

The next version of the BlackBerry Eclipse plugin will fix most of the . Some of the most important things are: 1) No need to restart emulator for new build to be loaded to the emulator (Hallelujah!!!) The new build should be just loaded onto the already started simulator, pretty much as on Android and […]

Super App webcast Q&A follow-up

During the Mike Kirkup covered many questions from the attendees. I have gathered many of those in the webcast summary. He did not get through all of the questions and promised to answer all of the questions on blackberry development forum. He did just that and here is the Q&A extracted: [Q] The problem I […]

Building Secure Mobile Applications – AT&T free webcast

AT&T will host a webcast about building secure mobile applications on April 1-st. It’s interesting to see how the mobile ecosystem is going crazy right now, every brand  trying to get as much people involved as possible. The MotoDev, Verizon Developers portal and AT&T developer center being promoted to potential developers very aggressively lately. Those […]

New England BlackBerry Developer Meetup group – first meetup notes

Last night I have attended local New England BlackBerry developer meetup group. It was a great event with nice turnout of about 50 developers with special guest – Mike Kirkup – director of developer relations at RIM. Mike is a great speaker and a great guy in general. BlackBerry developers are truly blessed with Mike […]

BlackBerry Upcoming WebKit Browser

RIM has unveiled the new upcoming BlackBerry browser based on the new WebKit engine. At the New England BlackBerry meetup, Mike Kirkup mentioned that they are doing some neat tricks with precompiling JavaScript through MDS which makes the JavaScript blazing fast. You can see it for yourself in the embedded video. The new WebKit browser […]